Volumetric Forecasting

Consumer adoption is only half the battle of launching a successful product to market—the other half is volumetric potential. By empirically linking our models to in-market data, BASES Volumetric Forecasting accurately predicts multi-year sales and the incremental impact of the new product’s sales on your total brand volume. It takes into account your many market levers—including concept and product performance, media spend and vehicles, promotions, distribution, and more—to determine the potential of your launch. With this information, you can more precisely plan production capacity and allocate the right level of marketing support for your launches.

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Unmatched Data Assets

Nielsen has the industry’s largest database of 200,000+ marketing plans handled in the past 10 years, including more than 3,600 launch plans.

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Deep Global Experience

500,000+ forecasts delivered and 2,000+ forecast validations with average accuracy of +/-9%.
Global network of 200 local/regional dedicated forecast specialists.

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Largest Ongoing Investment

Annual investment of $1 million+ and 20,000+ hours dedicated to forecast model development partnerships with leading academics and experts (e.g., Ehrenberg-Bass Institute)


Nielsen’s BASES Forecasting System has been independently verified by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) through its Marketing Metrics Audit Protocol (MMAP) as the first and only forecasting model in the industry to undergo this accountability standard.