Local TV Measurement

The media industry and consumers alike have never been more clear about the need for transparency and truthfulness in data and advertising. And Nielsen’s Local TV measurement solutions are built upon a foundation of trust and integrity.

Reaching real viewers, at the right time, and knowing what they’re watching is only possible when you understand how people tune into and experience local television. Nielsen’s Local TV measurement captures and delivers unparalleled insights into what audiences are watching across all measured designated market areas (DMAs).


Rooted in a unique combination of advanced metering technology, people-powered panels and data from millions of cable and satellite boxes, we help you find and connect with the audiences that matter most to you.

Real People, Real Viewing

Complete & Connected Measurement

In-depth, Independent, Accurate Metrics

Now, more than ever, local TV needs Nielsen.

Local media owners, agencies and advertisers are demanding a clear, consistent picture of TV viewing across all devices, which only Nielsen can deliver

Nielsen fuels local marketing and sales with powerful data as the marketplace’s most trusted, independent local TV measurement provider.

Unlock the power of local. Answer key questions about your audience with Nielsen data and insights:


What is the size and make up of the viewing audience of my station?


How many unique viewers, age 18-49 does my station reach?

What programs are most likely to reach auto buyers in my market?

How does my audience size and composition differ from the competition?

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