Nielsen Data as a Service (DaaS)

Connect with the right audience & improve your marketing impact

Maximize campaign ROI with segments that fit your campaign objectives

Discovering the audiences that drive engagement and sales has never been more critical. Nielsen Data as a Service (DaaS) is offered via our Nielsen Data Management Platform (Nielsen DMP) and helps you win the battle for consumer attention by providing access to Nielsen audience data across more than 60,000 segments.

You can customize your audience targeting strategy around highly granular consumer characteristics for high marketing impact, including demographics, psychographics, mobile, online, TV, over-the-top (OTT) TV and audio behavior, spending, store visits, basket size and product purchases.

You will also have access to a wide spectrum of audience data from our Nielsen Marketing Cloud partner network, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), travel, telecom, retail, auto, finance and B2B audiences.

All segments within Nielsen DaaS can be activated across Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s 300 integrated media and marketing platforms.

Credit Card

Nielsen Buyer Insights (NBI) segments enable you to reach audiences based on online and offline transaction-level data across all major card payment networks, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, representing 80% of all credit card and 30% of all debit card transactions. Reach audiences based on various spending levels (light, medium, and heavy buyers), across 46 categories including retail, restaurants, finance, tech, travel and more than 500 individual merchants.


Department stores
Mass Merchandiser


Motion picture


Home Goods

Financial Services

Tax Services


Fast food
Casual dining
Fine dining


Hotels & Motels
Ride Share


Cable Services
Music & Video Streaming

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With years of purchase history across more than 90 million households, Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) marries its awareness of the products people buy with the media they consume across TV, mobile, digital, radio and print. It operates the largest and most representative CPG buyer graphic dataset in the U.S. providing you with access to 850 pre-built segments for turn-key activation, along with infinite custom segments — created using UPC-level data.

If you have access to consumers’ purchase behavior, you can activate your campaign against the most high-value audiences and measure the impact of an ad campaign in real world terms: dollars at the register. That’s real return on ad spend. Request more information.

Coverage of 90 million U.S. households – That is 75% of all households in the country

In-store purchase data from 18K+ retail and drugstore locations

Data from 2.2 million+ UPCs enabling rich granular analyses


Gain an unprecedented view of what audiences are watching across local and national markets on linear TV, on-demand and DVR with over 1,000 pre-built TV segments available within the Nielsen DMP, the industry’s first person-level TV data management platform. You can now engage consumers online based on what they watch, when they watch and how often they watch. Our segment categories go across streaming services, OTT services, networks and shows, video-on-demand, TV genre/daypart and viewers of your competitors’ ads. Nielsen TV Audience Segments are created using:

  • Nielsen’s industry-leading deterministic panel data based on a verified correlation between how people watch TV and how they behave online
  • Gracenote’s Smart TV viewership data which is gathered in real time using patented Video Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology. It identifies movies, TV programs, advertisements and video games being viewed in real time and measures time spent in more than 27 million smart TVs across the globe

With the Nielsen DMP you can activate our TV data in real time (200 milliseconds) across dynamic personalization, content management, programmatic, search, social, email, video, mobile and over-the-top platforms.

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Understand the personality of your customers and prospects to effectively forecast behavior with the largest personality database in the world. Our personality data is gathered through the Nielsen Marketing Cloud VisualDNA Personality Survey, which has been taken by more than 40 million individuals globally.

The survey is a non-incentivized psychometric assessment that triggers emotional and subconscious reactions from respondents. It is based on 30 years of personality psychology research in combination with new methodologies developed alongside scientists from the University College London, Cambridge University and Columbia University.

The core of the survey is the OCEAN Big Five Personality Model. The methodology was developed by leading researchers in the field of psychology. It rates individuals on openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism—with each of the traits breaking down into multiple facets.

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Despite the countless media and entertainment options available today, AM/FM radio continues to be the top weekly reach medium in the U.S. More than 271 million Americans listen to the radio each week. It is a mass medium that can deliver targetability and message frequency in markets large and small. To provide you with the most accurate audio data, we measure radio listening using our Portable People Meter (PPM) technology. This device captures tune-in behavior of more than 70,000 terrestrial listeners in the top 48 radio metros in the U.S., collecting and reporting station-identifying data. Own the opportunity to uniquely deliver your message just prior to purchase with our audio segments.

Behavioral and Demographic

eXelate segments, Nielsen’s proprietary and highly curated mix of offline and online data, are sourced from more than 200 anonymous data providers which are carefully audited against our data quality and recency standards before being added to the Nielsen Marketing Cloud ecosystem. They include credit card companies, socio-demographic compilers, consumer panels, shopping engines, retail transaction aggregators, business directories, e-commerce and retail data co-ops. The eXelate data pool spans multiple behaviors and audiences which include: eXelate Demographic, eXelate Intent, eXelate Interest, eXelate B2Bx, eXelate Smart Segments, and eXelate Location.


How can you best connect with auto shoppers at the right time and with the right message? Our auto segments empower you to reach your desired digital audiences at any point during their decision-making process. We break them out by brand affinities, feature preferences, buying stage, and services purchasing habits to help you convert prospects more effectively.

These segments are derived from a combination of our most granular purchase and survey-based data sources:

  • eXelate Auto: Interest and intent data that captures online browsing behaviors provided by leading automotive shopping sites
  • Nielsen Buyer Insights: Credit card spending data tied to auto parts and services

Take Your Campaign Further

Access data from hundreds of data providers, spanning every major vertical.

With more than 400 data providers across CPG, travel, shopping, auto, finance and B2B, Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s DaaS application is one of the largest source of data, derived from both online and offline. More importantly, it provides you with extremely actionable data that can be easily integrated into media plans to drive better campaign results.

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