Nielsen Podcast Solutions

Advertising Effectiveness and Insights to Understand Your Podcast Audience

Podcast advertising is gaining significant momentum in the marketplace. Consumer engagement with podcasts is on the rise, and ad revenue continues to grow as well, with annual spend set to soon surpass $1 billion. With more ad dollars in the U.S. going to podcasting, marketers, content creators and media owners need to understand the effectiveness of podcast advertising and analyze insights about the growing podcast market. 

Nielsen’s suite of podcasting solutions enable you to understand the behaviors of podcast listeners so you can reach the right consumers and drive ROI. Nielsen’s podcast solution framework spans from discovery to optimization within the podcast marketing workflow, with each solution illuminating a specific step within the workflow.

Podcast marketing workflow


Descriptive metadata to power meaningful search, discovery & recommendations – connecting listeners to topics and people they love



Helps buyers and sellers connect brands with both podcast program titles and genres

cloud upload


Utilize Nielsen cross device and data to create addressable segments to promote to advertisers



Measure the impact of ad exposure on brand health metrics

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