Shelf Optimisation

In the retail world, a product’s position in store can greatly affect its performance. No analysis or recommendation can be complete without understanding the total picture.

Having the right space allocation for products and categories plays a critical role in its retail success. With retail shelf space becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, it has never been more important to ensure retail space is working at its maximum.

What We Measure

Assortment and space are inseparable category tactics–a change in one will have an immediate impact on the other. Our team provides clients with many valuable insights every day; however, the journey of a product is not complete until it is merchandised as part of a fact-based layout.

Nielsen’s merchandising services solutions can provide the tools and expertise you need to ensure you are managing your space and range to their full potential.

How We Do It

Our approach to merchandising services is designed to be flexible to ensure you are receiving value-added insights irrespective of the software you are currently using. Our solutions are backed by a complete service and support network. From software training to practical workshops on the best demonstrated practices, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals can help you solve the most complex ranging and merchandising challenges.

By seamlessly integrating retail scanning information, analytics and custom research, we can deliver actionable planogram solutions and space planning project management to meet your unique requirements. Combining these critical components will provide you with powerful insights to drive growth and profit for both retailers and manufacturers.