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Consumers’ on-demand lifestyles have fueled the meteoric rise of video streaming over the past 10 years, as consumers in streaming-capable homes now spend about a quarter of their total TV time engaging with this content.  With streaming engagement on the rise and new platform options coming to market, it’s critical for content creators, platforms, studios and advertisers to know who is streaming, what they’re watching, which platforms consumers are gravitating to and how much time consumers are spending with streaming content.

Nielsen’s suite of streaming solutions provides a comprehensive view of everything from macro-level views of the streaming by platform to micro-level views of audience measurement down to a program/episode level, and everything in between. Armed with these insights, buyers and sellers of media  can better understand which demos are engaging with the content, where content opportunities are, which platforms are gaining momentum (and why) and which categories are driving the most engagement.

Nielsen Streaming Video Ratings delivers insights into how much streaming behavior is happening on the TV screen, how the various streaming providers compare, what devices are being used to stream, and how different demographic groups stream.


We have seen an evolution of theatrical releases going directly to viewers in the comfort of their own homes. Nielsen’s Theatrical VOD (TVOD) service will allow studios and producers to analyze not only the volume and reach of their audiences, but detailed household and person’s characteristics (e.g. age/gender, ethnicity, territory, etc.).

Nielsen SVOD Content Ratings is  syndicated, independent measurement enabling clients to gain insights on SVOD programs and episodes viewed through the TV glass, including connected devices, providing the marketplace with an efficient means of understanding SVOD audiences.  

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