Total Content Ratings

It’s Time to Make Things Simple Again.

Total Content Ratings provides the industry’s most trusted audience measurement metrics for video content across platforms and devices. With one unduplicated set of audience metrics, media sellers can effectively monetize their inventory across platforms and linear and dynamic ad loads, reducing waste and increasing revenue. Likewise, media buyers can purchase inventory with confidence, driving better outcomes for advertisers across devices and platforms.

Content Without Duplication

Total Content Ratings de-duplicates the video contribution from four key Nielsen-enabled solutions

Measures the content and ads delivered within the traditional live/linear TV model.

Measures video on demand (including subscription VOD) through the TV with an ad load that does not match the national linear ads, including content with no ads at all.

Measures content and ads consumed through a computer or mobile device with the same national linear ads; contributes to TV ratings.

Measures content consumed across digital platforms with an ad load that does not match the national linear ads, including content with no ads at all.


Total Content Ratings provides a complete view of video content consumption. Using our industry gold standard, single-source panel, we’re able to provide one unduplicated set of audience metrics for any program or episode across all devices and ad models. Now you can know who is watching a specific piece of content without worrying about duplication.


An individual can see the same program more than once, in a number of ways.

If Bill watched different episodes of Program A on his TV, on his PC and his smartphone, we’d count that as three views. But since Bill is the only person consuming the content, we would only report him as one unique viewer for Program A.

Nielsen links panelists to data providers’ registered users to create a single-source dataset of TV and digital exposures, which allow us to report the most accurate and complete picture of who is consuming content.


Nielsen’s single-source, unduplicated audience measurement – a look at the total audience for a program or episode, has the ability to report on which specific platform the content was consumed. Current reported platforms include:


When you have one set of metrics, you can easily plan and buy across platforms. Different reporting systems and metrics can reduce efficiency, misalign success metrics and complicate communication. Total Content Ratings gives you audience data across live TV, DVR playback up to 35 days, video on-demand (VOD), connected devices, smartphones and tablets. Now, you have an apples-to-apples comparison of audiences across platforms.

Gain A True Competitive View

With a single set of metrics on a single platform, you can easily get a bird’s-eye view of the hyper-competitive media landscape. Total Content Ratings’ syndicated reporting makes it possible to understand how your content stacks up against other key players in the marketplace. Now, publishers can get a true competitive view, and agencies can create more intricate and informed media plans.


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