Total Media

Measure Cross-Channel Marketing Effectiveness

Brands want to measure more than sales and are tasked with reaching and influencing audiences in the most impactful way possible. Marketing professionals need a solution that helps them evaluate their media plan, determine the true effectiveness of each channel and understand how different media mixes can improve that effectiveness.

Nielsen Total Media Resonance pinpoints the optimal investment level in each channel to achieve brand objectives. With unparalleled granularity, it measures the incremental lift in campaign KPIs for each ad dollar invested, allowing you to fully and consistently inform and optimize your media investments. Now you can measure, evaluate and build best practices that maximize your impact on consumer attitudes—at the right spend—across your entire media mix.


Advertisers & agencies

Identify the exact spend level at which each media channel is most efficient and effective in driving each KPI.

Media Owners

Quantify the true impact of your media on your advertiser KPIs to stand out from the competition and prove your value as a partner.

Features and Benefits

Understand True Incremental Lift

Control for dozens of variables—like demographics, competitor spend, category usage and brand familiarity—to separate the value of your media from the predisposition of the audience. Use the true measurement of incremental lift at every investment level for every channel to maximize campaign impact.

Understand True Incremental Lift

Tell Consistent Cross-Channel Stories

Unify your measurement approach across all media channels (TV, display, radio, CTV, social, OOH, and more) to make accurate cross-channel comparisons. Combine survey data and media data into a single model to confidently allocate media spend across your entire campaign footprint, including social platforms.

Cross Channel Stories

Test Plans and Optimize Media Mix

Leverage simulation software to learn how to grow brand lift metrics and determine which budget levels and what media mix are needed to achieve and exceed KPI goals. Model ‘what-if’ scenarios for powerful backwards and forwards-looking campaign strategies and best practices.

Test Plans and Optimize Mix

Balance customization and standardization

Measure an expanded range of brand health and funnel metrics ranging from awareness to intent across any audience, geography and campaign length. A flexible survey design offers both standard and custom KPIs allowing for future campaign comparisons as well as insight into your unique campaign goals.

Balance Customization and Standardization