TV Brand Effect

Maximize your TV advertising effectiveness. Measure the
memorability and quality of your ads in market to improve your ROI.

Join us for our upcoming webinar

The Power of the Creative: Reconciling the Spoken and Unspoken

2:00 PM EDT, May 13, 2015

During this live webinar, David Brandt, EVP of Ad Effectiveness Strategy at Nielsen, will discuss the connections between neuroscience and survey-based approaches in measuring ad resonance.

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Break through the
competitive clutter



Evaluate your ad’s ability
to connect emotionally with viewers and convey your message



Make media adjustments
throughout your campaign

For Advertisers

  • Measure how your ads perform against historical and competitive ads, as well as category norms.
  • Track and optimize media weight, program placement, creative selection and more during your campaign.
  • Assess your TV ad’s ability to resonate emotionally and communicate valuable information to viewers.

For Media Networks

  • Measure ad and program effectiveness across TV and digital to help guide your media plan development.
  • Pair program engagement data with TV ratings for a holistic view of your program performance.
  • Identify high-value programming that fosters ad memorability and in-program placement success.
  • Measure TV sponsorship performance against historical and competitive norms.

Features and Benefits

Measure Real world Memorability

Determine if advertising is effectively breaking through to your audience with our unique methodology of measuring ad impact in a real world TV viewing environment: at home, complete with real-life distractions.

Measure Ad’s Ability to Resonate Emotionally

Evaluate the quality of your ad’s communication against the competition within days of launch. Determine your ad’s ability to build emotive brand value, convey meaningful information and deliver key creative branding elements.

Optimize Campaign in Flight

Make adjustments to copy selection and media plans (across networks, programs, genres and more) while ads are still in flight.

Receive Cross-Platform Insights

Track campaigns across TV and online video to understand cross-media advertising effects.

Track Competitors

Monitor breaking ads and track effectiveness, including brand misattribution, against historicals and category norms using syndicated data.

Learn more about TV Brand Effect’s new Ad Snapshots dashboard

What We Measure

TV Brand Effect

Is your ad leaving a brand impression?

  • Did your ad, brand and message break through to viewers?
  • Did viewers properly attribute the ad to your brand?
  • How did your ad perform against the competition?
  • How did your ad perform compared to past ads?
  • Did audiences like your ad, and did it change their purchase intent?
  • How effective is your media plan in reaching your desired audience?
  • How does program engagement affect your ad’s memorability?
  • How effective was your brand’s program or network sponsorship?

Custom metrics are also available.

Creative Evaluation

What is the quality of that impression?

  • Did consumers feel an emotional connection to your ad?
  • Did your ad communicate valuable information to viewers?
  • What creative elements (music, color, tagline, spokesperson, etc.) affected your ad’s branding?

Finally, to help you understand your impression in consumers’ own words, we also record open-end responses.


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