Global Release Date

The official street date for all new album releases is Friday. For all sales-based charts (both albums and tracks), the chart reporting period covers the first 7 days of an album’s release, meaning sales are measured from Friday to Thursday.

Nielsen’s sales tools are updated Mondays. Billboard posts final charts (including sales, airplay, streaming, the Hot 100 and other multi-source charts) on each Tuesday morning.

Billboard Charts

Billboard posts a “Projected Top 10” Billboard 200 albums chart story on late afternoon on Friday, and then a “Final Top 10” story once processing is complete on Saturday. The final charts (including sales, airplay, streaming, Hot 100 and other multi-source charts) post on each Tuesday morning.

There is a small window each Monday morning for labels to review the charts and to bring any errors or omissions to Nielsen and Billboard’s attention for possible chart revisions.


  • Genre airplay/radio charts run on a Monday-Sunday cycle
  • The Hot 100 airplay/Radio Songs format (HOH in Nielsen Music) are tracked over a Monday-Sunday cycle (formerly Weds–Tues)

Hot 100

Billboard Hot 100 and all other genre sales/streaming/airplay hybrid charts utilizing the Hot 100 formula are created on Mondays

The Hot 100 tracking week is as follows:

  • Sales: Fri-Thurs
  • Streams: Fri-Thurs
  • Airplay: Mon-Sunday

Other Retail

Mail Order – Mail order CDs shipped between Tuesday and the following Monday will be counted in the new chart week. This represents the Friday-Thursday sales week, but makes an allowance for shipping time/receipt by customers.

Venue Sales – For venues and labels reporting sales, the reporting week will be Wednesday-Tuesday. Forms need to be submitted by 3pm the next day (Wednesday) to be included in the following Monday charts. 

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