As mobile evolves into a composite of voice, text, video, Internet, games, apps and audio, Nielsen’s measurement services help you analyze and respond to the consumer who is always connected.

Nielsen metrics for mobile devices (including “connected” devices like iPads, Kindles and tablets) are already the market standard for market share, consumer satisfaction, device share, service quality, revenue share, advertising effectiveness, audience reach and other key indicators in the mobile marketplace.

Our monitoring of the rapid expansion of technology and adoption enables our clients to stay ahead of the steep curve. Nielsen benchmarks mobile advertising investment to other media platforms, and help clients maximize their marketing exposure. In addition, we uncover demographic and behavioral targets to predict which consumer segments and which tactics offer the highest potential for success.

How We Do It

Nielsen uses a broad range of measurement tools to help companies make the most of their investments in mobile, including:

  • Monitoring network signaling in 86 U.S. markets to count mobile subscribers and determine marketshare
  • Analyzing the cellphone bills of more than 65,000 mobile subscribers in the U.S.
  • Conducting extensive drive tests to measure quality of service in North America
  • Deploying On-Device Meters to measure smartphone activity
  • Analyzing carrier server logs to understand feature phone usage behavior
  • Surveying mobile consumers via telephone, in-person and online surveys

Why Nielsen?

No other company can match Nielsen’s depth and breadth when it comes to analyzing the mobile market. We were among the first to recognize the marketing potential of mobile devices and we pioneered and invested in methodologies to measure consumer response to mobile advertising. As a result, we have the most comprehensive view of mobile devices and platforms and the deepest understanding of the ways consumers engage with them. We even hold patents for on-phone meters that allow detailed tracking of a participating panel of mobile subscribers.

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