single cross-media currency

Audience is EverythingTM — Audiences no longer see a difference between traditional TV, streaming and digital. So your measurement shouldn’t either. The media industry needs cross-media measurement that’s complete and provides comparable metrics for ads and content across platforms, services and devices. And this measurement needs to reflect consumption by actual people.

Nielsen is embracing a “ONE” mindset to modernize its panels, platforms and products to create a single, cross-media currency, so you’re able to buy and sell across linear and digital platforms seamlessly.

Measurement transformed

As audiences move seamlessly between linear, streaming and digital, advertisers are demanding a single, deduplicated view of their audience across all platforms and mediums, while publishers want to provide more ad options for buyers and improve the overall viewer experience.

With a single, deduplicated number from Nielsen ONE, you will have visibility into audiences by platform, as well as the unique demographic profile of each publisher. And with these insights, you’ll be able to effectively adapt to future platforms and devices.

ONE panel

A single-source, geographically representative panel will measure viewing across devices, while underpinning Nielsen’s ID resolution system to validate audiences and deduplicate exposures across ads and content.

Multiple devices connected by a cloud-based platform


A unified cloud-based platform will allow easy integration and normalization of big data, as well as direct integrations with digital platforms, using a variety of best-in-class models that leverage machine learning.

A single cross-media measurement product.

One Product

A single cross-media product will provide reach and frequency metrics by delivering a holistic, deduplicated view of both content and ad performance regardless of screen, device or platform.


Nielsen ONE will be deployed on a cloud platform. Our data lake is the foundation and engine of this platform. And by owning the tech stack, back-end architecture and data sources, Nielsen’s digital measurement will be privacy compliant and future proof.

Our people-powered panels remain critically important to cross-media measurement, serving as a truth set to validate and adjust big data sources so that we can maintain quality and continuity as we deliver addressable measurement at scale. With the flexibility to insert addressable ads in any commercial minute you choose, only with Nielsen can monetize advertising impressions without risking measurement of linear audiences.


Advertisers, agencies and publishers need a simpler view of campaign performance across all platforms. Nielsen ONE will provide a clear view of campaign reach and frequency across linear programming, streaming, CTV and digital.

With Nielsen ONE, advertisers and publishers will be able to transact using a single metric that is trusted, independent and standardized across the industry. Media buyers and sellers will have the flexibility to buy media with more precision, go deeper into the audience of each platform and transact with comparability across any ad model of their choosing.

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