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Maximize your client’s ROI using analytics-based tools.

How to find your client’s target audience and build a media plan to reach them

As media continues to fragment and brand advertisers demand better performance, it can be daunting to create a media plan that fits your budget and drives results. At Nielsen, we understand that challenge. With a comprehensive suite of tools to find your target audience, create a cross-channel media plan, activate that plan digitally and measure audience with data that can be used to validate delivery, we can help you get the most of your media investment.  


Advertising Intelligence

Access competitive intelligence for cross-media advertising.

Cross-media insights and planning

Find your target audiences and create optimized cross-media plans to reach them.


Access high-quality digital audience segments for targeting, or use your own first-party data to create segments and activate them in the digital ecosystem.

 Part of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Manage every phase of the marketing process in a single place—from media planning and activation to data management and attribution.

 Part of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud


Work with trustworthy, innovative partners that deliver results aligned to the way your business measures success. With your data connected, you will be able to measure, analyze and decide faster—and smarter—than ever before.


Understand who your ad campaigns are reaching across platforms with a single unduplicated view of your audience.

Get a read on how well your ads resonate with your audiences.

Measure the impact of your marketing dollars on outcomes.

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