Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers need insight into purchase trends, but you also need to know which media platforms are driving those trends and where to reach your most valuable consumers. In addition, you must ensure that your media investments are meeting campaign goals. Without this key information, you run the risk of investing in platforms and messaging that are either placed in the wrong channel or don’t drive actual sales.

We use our industry-leading media measurement, marketing cloud, and a shopper-based Nielsen Catalina Solutions partnership to uniquely help CPG manufacturers better plan, activate and measure their media investments.


Plan and buy media using the same purchase-based audiences on all media platforms.

 Powered by Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Create optimized cross-media plans to reach your target audiences.


Expand, optimize, segment and activate your customer data across all marketing channels and platforms.

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Create Purchase-based Segments

Activate on standard segments or create custom segments using purchase behavior in addition to demographics.

 Part of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud

 Powered by Nielsen Catalina Solutions


Understand who your ad campaigns are reaching across platforms with a single unduplicated view of your audience.

Maximize sales by using purchase data to refine key marketing variables.

 Powered by Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Close the loop by measuring the incremental sales on all media platforms.

 Powered by Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Measure the impact of your marketing dollars using marketing mix, multi-touch attribution and other marketing analytic tools.