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Nielsen “Kicks Off” Super Bowl Advertiser Hall of Fame

Super Bowl ads—undoubtedly in a class all their own—are roughly 40 percent more memorable than the average commercial, according to Nielsen TV Brand Effect. This, combined with the Super Bowl’s massive reach and high program engagement that has increased over the past five years, are just...

How Can You Reach People Who Will Tweet About Your Brand?

There’s no shortage of people tweeting about live TV these days—it’s a digital phenomenon and picking up speed. In 2013 alone, 36 million people sent 990 Million Tweets about TV, according to Nielsen SocialGuide. Until now, however, we haven’t known how many people tweet about TV and...

Scoring a Holiday Touchdown

Marketers who can connect with sports fans have a captive audience. That’s because sports fans are connected and passionate when they’re engaged. And for sports like football, which compete with the holiday shopping season for attention, it’s crucial to deliver the right message in the right...

Case Study: Giving Moms a Refresher

A product launch is a critical time to drive awareness and brand favorability—even more so when focusing the launch on a specific market. So as it prepared to launch its Starbucks Refreshers, Starbucks teamed up with in order to connect with an ideal audience for its launch.