It’s no secret that bringing a product to market is only half the battle. As all companies and brands know, true success is measured by when and how much your customers start buying. And that’s where promotion comes into play—in a big way. Trade spending is a strategic investment but often inefficient. Healthy profitable growth without relying on promotional investment is the aim, but not the reality for most.

Nielsen Everyday Analytics

You need retailer-specific analytics to help you spot opportunities and simulate real-time scenarios. You’ll then be able to measure the likely impacts and choose the strategies that will maximise your return on investment throughout the year.

Using Nielsen’s Everyday Analytics you can generate insights and develop plans with confidence using scientific models. Using a three-step process you can evaluate the current pricing environment, test new hypotheses, and build a more effective plan.

Provide us with your details to see for yourself how Nielsen Everyday Analytics can help you unify your price and promo analytics across markets for faster, more profitable decisions rooted in deep market insights and get the return on your trade promotions that you’ve been vying for.